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About Us

Smell memorable, be unforgettable

Our Story

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians parfum has been used as a sign of luxury, adornment and beauty. Today the fragrance we wear can instantly lift our mood and the ambience around us; be it to accompany a crisp suit in the boardroom, to reminisce on long summer nights, or the perfect accessory on a special evening.

When we experience the essence of a particular fragrance, we instantly and subconsciously connect that aroma to a portion of our memory. We at Deja Vu Scents offer you premium fragrances that are cost effective alternatives to high end popular brands. We diligently hand-blend our fine fragrances to provide almost identical scents to some of the most iconic perfumes available. But you will notice one significant difference - the price tag.

Wear the fragrance that you desire without worrying about the cost. Dare to declare your scent with Deja Vu Scents. Smell memorable, be unforgettable.